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Ablaze with His Glory!
Del Fehsenfeld, Jr.,
Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1993

In recent decades, it has become obvious that all our attempts to produce remedies for the ills of our society are utterly inadequate, apart from a fresh, supernatural invasion of Go
d’s Spirit into the life of His church.

America’s Great Revivals
Bethany House, 2004

1734…Jonathan Edwards…the beginning of one of the greatest revivals in the history of North America.

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
Jim Cymbala
Zondervan Publishing Company, 2003

In 1972, the Brooklyn Tabenacles spark was almost out. Then the Holy Spirit lit a fire that couldnt be quenched.

Revival Fire

Wesley Duewel

Zondervan Publishing Company, 1995

Fires blazes from heaven, and a stone altar erupts in flame. So begins a spiritual awakening, the kindling
of a revival fire still burning today.


How to Pray for Revival

Life Action Ministries

The spiritual needs facing our families and our nation
are so complex and pervasive that only God can meet them. …prayer—fervent, faith-believing prayer—is the key that unlocks His storehouse and releases His
glorious power and presence.

Revival: A People Saturated with God

Brian Edwards

If you have never before read a book on revival, this
one is for you! This book is not a clinical analysis of revival, nor simply a historical account.

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